Noggy Bloggy 6

Hello again me Old Chums – well ! what a time we’ve had! Apparently one of me Chums from deep down in Queensland Australia wanted to know more about your old Chum Noggin – so they asked that very nice young man with the red suit, Ryan Croxford, (Red Suit Interviews) if he would set up an interview with us and that allowed us to talk more closely to the fans ‘ down under. Well, it was all set up, – Angela and I were to do the interview to talk about our adventures, but just that afternoon, I went down to me old allotment and decided to make a chicken shed. I thought it would be lovely to keep a few chickens and have some nice fresh eggs. Oh dear – chicken wire is not as easy as I thought to work with – I had me wood, and

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Noggy bloggy 5

Well hello there me ole Chums More today about my allotment – well at least about the land in England – and a little peek into history Well, in ye bad old days those nasty Romans came and though they seem to be famous for their arches and straight roads I think they are more likely to be remembered for their naughty deeds, including stealing land from the people on a massive scale. They also built a wall to keep people out. Not very nice people I think you’ll agree. Then after those marauding Saxons and Vikings came William the Conk (Conqueror) who invaded old England and poked Harold in the eye and gave all the land away to his barons. Then Richard the third lost the battle of Bosworth and banged his head on the bridge over the river. His head was very sore so they named the river

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Nogg Blogg – Allotment Fun

Well hello me ole chums. Back again having spent a little teeny -weeny bit of my day up on the ole allotment. A fierce-some day though for my personal development and hopefully yours too as you read this confession. For confession it surely is. Having made friendly greetings with one or two of my fellow ‘allotmenteers’. I proceeded to deal with those hostile brambles and nettles which have suddenly become a regular feature in my ole life. Chopping and swishing and pulling and tumbling and digging and scratching I was having the time of my life I can tell you. But within minutes of good-naturedly attacking these formidable opponents and tossing them onto a rather wonderful bonfire that we had made, what do I hear emanating from across the ridge but a chain saw and strimmer in violent ear-splitting action. As you are aware from my last allotment missive the

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