NOGBLOG March 1st 2019

Well Hello me ole’ chums

Just dreaming the morning away in a little taverna in Kouklia on the balmy little Isle of Cyprus somewhere out in the lovely old Mediterranean. I’ve just gobbled my way through a halloumi and tomato pitta bread and a magical little slice of the hostess’ magnificent orange cake and sluiced it all down with a couple of cups of strong black coffee. Heaven!

Well now I’m having to edit my new story – Noggin [that’s me] in Cyberspace. Well me ole’ chums I’m glad I got outa there I can tell you. You’ll have to read it to see how but it was touch and go for a while an it’s not the sort of place you want to get stuck.

Anyway check it out. It was a bit hair-raising but thankfully I’m back now and ready for a nice paddle. I think tomorrow after a nice brekky of honeyed waffles and fresh orange I might do a little bit of meditation and think a little bit of peace into this old world.

I think maybe you should do that too and together we might just make it a nicer place


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  1. Thomas Consuegra


    Love the NogBlog! Very riveting story, cant wait for the next one!

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