Noggy bloggy 4

Well hello there me ole chums I feel I’ve redressed the balance of power somewhat this week in favour of the working classes of which I feel myself to be a highly esteemed member. So, what did I do? I can almost hear you wondering Well I’ll tell you me ole chums I got an allotment. That’s what I did. Now for those of you who are not familiar with the term I’ll explain; It’s quite a large plot of land that you can rent for the princely sum of £25.00 per year. You can’t build a house on it but mine’s got two and a half sheds and a rather fetching blue water butt and a most delightful array of plum and cherry trees. It’s all a bit overgrown of course cos folks don’t seem to want allotments anymore and they get left and spiral into decline. But that’s

NOGBLOG March 1st 2019

Well Hello me ole’ chums Just dreaming the morning away in a little taverna in Kouklia on the balmy little Isle of Cyprus somewhere out in the lovely old Mediterranean. I’ve just gobbled my way through a halloumi and tomato pitta bread and a magical little slice of the hostess’ magnificent orange cake and sluiced it all down with a couple of cups of strong black coffee. Heaven! Well now I’m having to edit my new story – Noggin [that’s me] in Cyberspace. Well me ole’ chums I’m glad I got outa there I can tell you. You’ll have to read it to see how but it was touch and go for a while an it’s not the sort of place you want to get stuck. Anyway check it out. It was a bit hair-raising but thankfully I’m back now and ready for a nice paddle. I think tomorrow after

Noggin’s Bloggings – January 21st. 2019

Hello again Chums – well!!!! What d’ya know – It’s been very busy again my end, with people chasing around everywhere. Myself of course, well, I just turn up for Photoshoots, studio sessions and posing for models and stuff like that, as I’m far too important and far too old for the racing around.The other day I found myself in a strange situation – looking at my own face, looking back at me with me looking at him !!!!  Well – a very strange feeling I can tell you me Old Chums – and it was only a head – a floating head – yes, with no body – no legs no arms – just a sort of airborne Noggin Clontithhead !Can’t think what that’s all about – but it did get me wingles going a bit !So I’m having to take lots of rest, cakes and good cheer to keep

Bloggin with Noggin  

Well, me Old Chums – what a tremendulioustodoo !! It seems I have made me’self into a bit of a Gnoming Celebrity, Somebody said I’m a meme – I said  ‘What’s a meme?’ Is sounds to me like somebody stood on the cat !Anyway – I went onto that there G’nutube and had a look for me’self – and SURE ENOUGH there I was – again and again – all over the place without me even knowing it !Shocking !!!!Well, being a very old Gnome, I’m not wise to the workings of Cyberspace and ‘tinternet’ – so I had to ask me friends, and they said ‘Noggin, you must do more, your fans want more !’ So I‘m busy now thinking of lots of Gnomey things to get up to – TEE HEE what fun me Old Chums !!!Cheerio for now

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